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Design And Concept

The Alantara Sanur is a boutique resort where Bali’s rich cultural heritage and its philosophy are highly valued. The resort stands to celebrate the island’s community-based way of life and driven by a service oriented hospitality where creating experiences are the main goal.

The building concept follows the values shown in the Arjuna Wiwaha folklore, dated back in the 11th century of the classical Hindu-Buddhist era. The literary contains teachings about reaching the perfection of life which encompasses the whole life based on human creativity, taste and intention. At the resort it is represents by two sacred trees: the neem tree or pohon intaran and the bodhi tree or known as the sacred fig tree. They represent Siwa and Buddha, and together they will lead you toward Nirvana.

Designed by Ground Kent Architects, The Alantara Sanur incorporates locally sourced stones and hardwoods that make them attune with the surrounding environment. Terracotta tiles on the facade bring you back to the glory of distinctive architectural of Majapahit era, and the entire grand design is tastefully enhanced by tropical landscape of native floras and artistic touches conceptualized by the late Made Wijaya.